Project Yeti

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project yeti wordpress starter theme based on zurb foundation 6

Well, the time has finally come and ZURB Foundation 6 has been released at long last! Project Yeti is a simple project that I had been planning to do for several months, shortly after the release, I got my thinking cap on and got to work. While they there are some major changes ultimately, it’s the same but only better, this made the process a lot easier, never mind faster! And I’m now pleased to share the results with all other website designers, bloggers and administrators across the globe.

Project Yeti is a starter theme for WordPress designed and built using ZURB’s famous Foundation responsive framework. Since both Project Yeti and ZURB Foundation 6 have only just been released you shouldn’t expect not to find some major issues. These issues should be resolved as both releases mature. I’ll be monitoring ZURB Foundations closely for any important updates and pushing them to my GitHub Repository.

zurb foundation 6 for wordpress

If you are a coder then please don’t hesitate to contribute on GitHub, I will accept any improvements or bug fixes that are of high quality. If you’re not a coder, then don’t worry you can get involved too, simply use the comment system at the bottom of this page and I’ll try and help you anyway I can.

Hope you like the initial release and a big shout out to ZURB for making another fantastic version.

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8 Responses to “Project Yeti”

  1. Mobile First

    does it have a mobile menu? I see no change in the topbar viewing on small screens… this is like 2004.

  2. Tina Beil

    Hi Simon,

    You mention this is a starter theme for WordPress. But for me it make no sense to work with a starter theme which including foundation but no SASS files. Also I’ve found out that this theme is well coded with the WP gettext-functions, in this case I’m missing language files to translate the theme.
    So for the moment, the theme is not really usable for me. It’s a shame, cause it looks really good!

    • Hi Tina, Yep you are completely correct it’s missing the SASS and translation, this is something I do plan to add in future releases.

  3. Brandon

    I see a glaring bug in regards to the menu. When you click it the entire thing expands….showing all drop downs. Not sure if it’s related but Joints WP seems to also have a bug in the menu but it’s just a jog when clicking a dropdown…FOUC more or less. Would love to be able to use this as a boiler plate but that bug is just too large 🙂

    Any ideas as to when this will be fixed?

    • Hi Brandon,

      Your be pleased to know that since Zurb pushed foundation to version 6.2.1, this issue has now be resolved.


  4. Hi Simon

    You’ve named page-sidebar-right.php as Template Name: Page Sidebar Left (as well as the real left one). No big deal – just changed it, but thought you ought to know.

    Cheers – Phil

    • Hi Phil,

      We just pushed a new version with several improvement and bug fixes! this issue is now resolved, thanks for letting us know!