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webmaster site verification for prestashop

The team at BYBE have designed several eCommerce themes for small to medium sized businesses that run PrestaShop. Some of the UK companies we work for prefer us not to have access to their domain records, because of this the only options to verify the domain are to upload a file to their site, or use the meta element, of course the meta is more appealing because it’s something that won’t easily be deleted nor will it bloat the root of their PrestaShop folder.

It is that reason why we decided to code a PrestaShop module that would allow us to easily verify their sites with the many different online verification sites. It’s important to note that some sites use bots that periodically check for this meta element, so it is recommended that you leave the module installed and active. If you also have a Joomla site you may be interested in our Joomla webmaster site verification plugin.

Works with Prestashop 1.2.x – 1.6.x

  1. Download our PrestaShop Webmaster Site Verification module
  2. Login to your PrestaShop as an administrator
  3. Click Modules
  4. Click Add a new module (look at top right)
  5. Click Choose a file
  6. Find our plugin file, select it and click open
  7. Click upload this module
  8. Click the green install icon
  9. Click proceed with the installation
  1. Obtain your verification meta id
  2. Enter it into the relevant box
  3. Click relevant save button
  4. Enjoy, all done!
  1. Login to your shop as an administrator
  2. Click Modules
  3. Click manage on the left menu
  4. Select in the authors list
  5. Click the drop-down menu uninstall
  1. Login to your shop as an administrator
  2. Click Modules
  3. Click manage on the left menu
  4. Select in the authors list
  5. Click the drop-down menu delete
  • Version 0.1
    • Initial release to public
  • Version 2.0
    • Added Pinterest site verification
    • Removed empty spaces
    • Icons now more retro flat
    • Various CSS styling made
    • Changed author details
    • BYBE logo updated, YAH!

If you have any problems or questions then please don’t hesitate to use the comment system below, we don’t bite… promise!

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12 Responses to “PrestaShop Webmaster Site Verification Module”

  1. Jim James

    Hi, tried to install your site verification plug-in which looked to be the answer to all our dreams, into a site that underwent a change of servers about 3 years ago and ever since has been impossible to verify by any of Googles recommended procedures. All come back with a no-no message.

    Trying to install the plug-in into PS v. 1.6 got as far as hitting the ¨upload¨button and coming to a grinding halt with a Ãœnknown file type¨ place of a green install thingy. Please can you help. Thanks ……………

    • Hi Jim, the plugin shouldn’t be treated as a band aid for pre-existing server-side problems. I highly recommend that you address your current problems before using this or any other plugin, as it, or they could make the issue far worse.

  2. Jonathan

    Hi thank you for your free module and I have already installed the module into my PrestaShop and upon pasting the meta codes from Pinterest , the module says its successfully saved but when I exit the module and go the list of modules i would see this above meaning the saved meta tag is not working somehow from Pinterest? Could it be a theme issue? and how can I resolve this? could you guys help? Many thanks.

    • Hi Jonathan,

      Sorry to hear that your having problems.

      I have just tested the module on PrestaShopâ„¢ and have not found any issue with the Pinterest. It’s important to note that you only need to copy the ID into the dialog box not the full code.

      <meta name="p:domain_verify" content="4beccbdfa6362sd4210e6f02a6dc5c12"/>

      Hope this helps

  3. Austin Wood

    Hi, I have managed to get the module to install but where do i find my google verification ID to put in the google section as when i use the code i have it still does not work

    • Hi Austiin,

      Google and other companies provide you with the code when you try and verify your site with them, often you find this under ‘OTHER method; HTML.

  4. Hello Simon,
    You mentioned to select the plugin file, but which one is it since I have several in the zip file.
    I believe it is one the following 4:

    • TPL file – size 900
    • PHP file – size 18944
    • PHP file – size 43
    • XML file – size 654

    Thanks for your help

  5. Fernando

    I have intalled it corretly after that install What is Verification ID

    • Is the ID provided by whom you are attempting to verify your site with… for example, Google Search Console verification will provide you with a HTML ID.

  6. Awesome Plugin and nice write-up.

  7. Stacy Stone

    May be old but still works great! thanks!