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Several years ago Sandbanks Consultancy Ltd approached us for a website design for their newly start-up business. We attended a meeting and we asked several questions about the design they wanted, with that information we was able to provide several design mockups. We presented them to Sandbanks Consultancy and asked them to provide us with negative and positive feedback so we could deliver a website design that they wanted. We received clear instructions what they liked and disliked, we used that information to deliver a website that looked stunning and was compatible on a wide range of devices from desktop computers to on the go mobile phones.

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Chris Wearden

This is Chris Wearden and he is managing director of Sandbanks Consultancy Ltd. We have had the pleasure of working with Chris and his team in Bournemouth for many years. Sandbanks Consultancy conceives & designs innovative point of sale and gifting for premium brands, particularly in the Spirits sector.

sandbanks perspective homepage design mockup sandbanks perspective website design mockup