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Job Description

BYBE has been working with Rustic Stone (RS) for several years; we first started our on-going work relationship by providing them with a custom Facebook page so they could promote their brand to new untapped audiences in the UK. The Facebook promotion page was very successful and since then we have provided Rustic Stone with many services from national seo to a full website redesign.

Company Info

Rustic Stone is a small ecommerce business that makes and sells Unique signs, memorials and gifts. They use a mixture of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to achieve superb end products. They are proud to provide the very best in quality stone engraved related products in the UK.

Website Design

Jez Day from Rustic Stone was really impressed with customer service, our results and our pricing model and it is those reasons why Jez even today continues to use our web design services and seo solutions on going.

Their first website design was built by another design agency, while it wasn’t awful it wasn’t great either, we pitched our design ideas to Rustic Stone and we moved forward to provide them with a design that was more modern, clean and worked on all mobile platforms. Since then we have received great feedback from Rustic Stone, informing us that their search engine rankings have increased and they have a better conversion rate than ever before!

Provided Services

  • Facebook Page Design
  • National SEO Services
  • Website Design
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