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Job Description

Chris from Interior Projects Southern Ltd (IPS) contacted BYBE Web Design because he had heard great things about us. IPS already had a website but they wanted a site redesign because they felt that there’s looked dull. We was informed that our work was high quality and they was pleased with the end-result.

Chris and his team was a pleasure to work with and they informed us that they were delighted with the website design. Since then we have and continue to provide them with professional web-related services.

About the Design

IPS’s previous website was a static HTML4 website, which basically meant it was old and they was unable to edit, add or modify content without having a good understanding about HTML coding. We listened to IPS and took notice what they liked already, what they hated and what they wanted.

It was clear to us what IPS wanted and several days after approaching us we delivered a HTML5 design that they absolutely needed and loved. As well as making their site look even better we also made several other improvements such as making their site responsive and adding there design to WordPress which allows them to add content with ease and without having to contact their website designer.

Provided Services

  • Responsive Design
  • SEO Services
  • Web Design
frontpage website design for Interior Projects Southern Ltd wordPress design for Interior Projects Southern Ltd responsive design for Interior Projects Southern Ltd