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There are a lot of website designers that disapprove of designers using anything they haven’t created themselves, almost like an underlying elitism attitude towards it. While building a website using your own artwork, your own framework and everything else is a good thing it’s not necessary the best thing for your customer, because at the end of the day that’s who matters. You can use market places for applications, templates and art work whenever it makes sense too, don’t be embarrassed by it, even the best of designers occasionally take shortcuts, also these sites are awesome for inspiration and ideas, don’t be scared to take someone’s idea and improve it, and make it your own. Also, at some point you could even start up selling your own work online.

Below are just some of the best market places for website designers to buy and sell

Envato Market

Envato Market Place Logo

Envato run one of the biggest market places on the net and it’s a great one stop for website designers, graphic designers, photographers, video and motion editors, musicians, programmers and even bloggers.

The Envato network is so huge it’s broken down into multiple domains making it easier to manage and find what you’re looking for. It is also awesome for freelance website designers to sell quality work with decent rates and even more profit margins the more you sell.

:: Envato Sites ::
Theme Forest
Home to WordPress themes, HTML5 templates, Tumblr templates, PSD layouts and lots more
Graphic River
Great for web elements, vectors, presentations, Infographics, Icons, Fonts, Logos and lots more
Code Canyon
One of the best, if not the best… place to get premium jQuery scripts, HTML5 applications etc
Video Hive
Motion video files, plugins and stock footage for a range of platforms from After effects to Cinema 4D
Photo Dune
A buyer and selling photo site, great for professional photography images at high res at low-cost
3D Ocean
Home to everything 3D, expect to find quality textures, HDRI images, CG textures and lots more
Audio Jungle
Absolutely great for any projects that need low-cost quality sound effects and Royalty Free music
Not everyone cups of tea but you can expect to find Adobe Flash projects, Unity 3D, Flex Files etc

1 free download and license from every Envato site Every month!

Visit Envato Market

Visit Creative Market

Creative Market

Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design content from independent creatives around the world. Creative Market AKA CM is one of the latest market places and has over 1,045,000 million members, 260,000+ products and 8,200+ online shops. Unlike Envato, Creative Market hosts all its premium and free content under one domain meaning you don’t need to navigate back and forth through multiple sites, not a massive time saver but none the less it’s nice to find all the content under one menu system.

:: Creative Market Products ::
A massive online collection of photograpy stock images from Animals to Beauty and Fashion
CM is never short of talented graphic designers, expect to find a endless supply of quality graphics
Find many useful templates for a wide range of platforms from email to MS Powerpoint
Creative Market supports a wide range content management systems themes and templates
Into typography? well, your be pleased to find out that CM has thousands of wicked fonts!
CM has plenty of time saving add-ons for Adobe Projects, such as brushes and actions etc

One of the best Market Places for independent creators

Visit Creative Market

Mojo Themes

mojo themes logo

Mojo Themes was founded by JR Farr and Brady Nord, since founded Mojo has gained much respect from the design community for providing end-users with quality premium templates. Mojo Themes is a superb online market place where users can buy or sell their premium themes.

Mojo has really decent rates, 50-70% for exclusively and 50% for all other sales. Where BYBE really starts to fall in love with Mojo is their wide range of supported content managements, generally market sites will only dip into the most used CMS’s and it’s nice to see a marketplace that explores outside the realms of just WordPress, Joomla and Magento.

At present they provide templates for WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, Open Cart, Prestashop and Tumblr. Also, they have thousands of static HTML5 templates for every occasion. They have recently opened Mojo Marketplace which provides webmasters with even more quality end-products. While Mojo Marketplace may still be in beta phase, it shows great promise.

Visit Mojo Themes


Themesnap Logo

ThemeSnap Marketplace is an awesome site for purchasing and selling template designs for various content management systems. Focusing on Drupal, Joomla and WordPress themes but also provide static HTML5 websites and PSD layout templates. Their site is easy to use, easy to filter through templates and very cost effective for saving you time and money for your customer.

Visit ThemeSnap


wpeden logo

WPEden AKA WordPress Eden is a marketplace for WordPress themes and plugins. They have over 55 WordPress templates and over 50 quality plugins. Some of the themes are a lot higher than those typically found on Theme Forest but I believe this is because some of them include lots of premium extras such as payment gateways, sliders and so on.

WordPress Eden is definitely worth checking out if you’re a diehard WordPress user. WPEden also runs a club membership that entitles users to discounts and support.

Visit WordPress Eden


Pixeden Logo

Pixeden is a great online resource centre for freelancer website designers and webmasters all over the globe. What makes Pixeden different is the fact that many of their resources are in fact free to download, great for new freelancer designers and money saving webmasters.

If you want some kind of customer support for your downloads then you need to activate a subscription license plan which will give you community features, free resources, email support and even access to the premium downloads, all yours for under 10 bucks a month!

Over 650 royalty-free downloads with commercial licenses.

Visit Pixeden


Sellfy Logo

Sellfy was first launched November 15th 2011 and quickly gained a lot of attention. Since then they have got stronger year on year, now with over 50,000 sellers and with thousands of sales each day. Sellfy specialises in digital-ware and is great for creators, writers, designers, and filmmakers all over the globe to sell their projects and work.

They are the eBay of the digital world and what’s very attracting with Sellfy is the fact they only take 5% of your sale compared to Envato which takes a whopping 12.5 to 37.5% and that’s if your exclusive! However it should be noted that I believe the quality of the merchandise at Envato tends to be somewhat higher quality, but with this said, it doesn’t matter because if you don’t like it, you don’t buy it… simple.

If you’re looking around to buy or sell then Sellfy is worth considering

Visit Sellfy

Wrap Bootstrap

wrap bootstrap Logo

Buy and sell quality HTML5 and CSS3 themes written using one of world’s most popular responsive frameworks, Bootstrap. Wrap Bootstrap was first launched in February 2012 by James Simmons (CEO, Founder WarpMarket LLC) and is unique because all templates designed and built use the Bootstrap Framework.

You can also buy or sell logos, great for people looking for a logo for their theme purchase. It’s worth mentioning that they also run a random weekly raffle to win a free template, simply tweet their website using the tweet button at the top of their pages to enter.

Absolutely awesome if you’re a diehard Bootstrap fan

Visit Wrap Bootstrap

More to come….

There are far more market places around which will be added to this page shortly.

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