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Hover Nofollow

Hover Nofollow is a simple add-on for Mozilla Firefox that will allow you to easily detect whether or not a href link is using the attribute rel=”nofollow”. Hover Nofollow is widely used by webmasters and bloggers, for SEO purposes.

We made this browser add-on for SEO people who wanted a plugin that was lightweight and not something they would need to disable between uses and that’s why we came up with the hover idea, enabling you to continue to enjoy a rich web experience.

The add-on is light and should not slow down browsing in anywhere, it can be easily disabled if need be by going into your extensions within Firefox’s add-on management page.

Install and how to use instructions

  1. Head over to our Mozilla Hover Nofollow page
  2. Download and install the plugin
  3. Restart Firefox
  4. Navigate to any site and hover over any link
  5. Green is follow, red is nofollow

    SEO Advice

    Please note that SEO is a lot more complex than simply finding pages that are follow, Google and other search engines have matured and learnt from their mistakes. It’s now ideal that you aim for links that are ‘content relevant’, and follow links should be seen as a bonus as nofollows help diverse your link profile.

    To ensure that your link profile is kept clean ensure that you have:

    • a good mix of follows and nofollows backlinks
    • a good mix of varied anchor text backlinks
    • a good mix of backlinks pointing to deeper pages
    • a good mix of links from various cms platforms

    Ideally a good website doesn’t require much self-seo, simply create meaningful and creative content about the niche your specialise in, avoid posting stuff that is not relevant, not only does it attract users that do not convert to customers, it gives Google and the other search engines mixed signals.

    Build beautiful and meaningful content that your visitors will love and the rest should look after itself, you could invest time into link baiting but it can a hit or miss. Building up your site slowly with quality and relevant content is one of the best things you can do for long term white hat SEO.

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