Easter Competition

easter competition

Since Christmas, the website design team at BYBE have been insanely busy working with the awesome local companies in Bournemouth. It’s time for a little break! Hurray for the Easter. To celebrate the Easter Holidays we are giving you lucky people the chance to win a Hotel Chocolat Easter Goody Bag, full of delicious mouth-watering treats.

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WordPress YoastSEO’s Breadcrumb RDF Valid HTML Fix

WP YoastSEO Breadcrumb Fix

BYBE recently ran an online design competition and asked users to tell us what they liked or disliked about our website, was kind enough to tell us that they liked the site however they could see several problems in regards of HTML validation! Eek! Not something we want to hear after all we are a website design company and should be leading by example!

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Project Yeti

Well, the time has finally come and at long last! Project Yeti is a simple project that I had been planning to do for several months, shortly after the release, I got my thinking cap on and got to work. While they there are some major changes ultimately, it’s the same but only better, this made the process a lot easier, never mind faster! And I’m now pleased to share the results with all other website designers, bloggers and administrators across the globe.

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Importance of On-Page SEO optimisation

How important is on-page SEO

Sadly most Website Designers and SEO’ers worry far too much about on-page SEO optimisation, they seem to be stuck in this SEO mind-set dating back many years ago when search engines worked out how relevant content was by working out the keyword density of the page, among other things. Webmasters soon abused the keyword algorithm and Google among other search engines improved their algorithm which started to , and not forgetting the legendary .

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WordPress Theme Development FAQ

WordPress theme development faq

Sorry to disappoint you but you will not find any here, on this page you can find some of the most frequently asked questions when developing a WordPress theme. I’m always busy designing websites but I do plan to update this page on a regular basis, so be sure to add this page to your bookmarks.

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WordPress the_excerpt show only first paragraph

get the first paragraph as an excerpt for wordpress

The is an awesome WordPress hook for us lazy bloggers! It means we don’t have to use the read more button! Yay! Sadly the the_excerpt isn’t smart enough to know where we want to cut and by default will snip the first paragraph at only 55 words, and to make matters even worse WordPress will stick an ugly […] right at the end of a broken sentence! Completely ruining our website design! Well kinda…

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Bournemouth Beach Vector

Bournemouth Beach

As we are a small web design company in Bournemouth we are always flat out for our customers, because of this we hardly have the time to develop our own site. We use the little downtime we have to develop our site and over the last year we have been developing our site of which we recently finished.

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