Load comment-reply.min.js on WordPress blog posts only

disable comment reply min js

On December the 10th 2008 WordPress released WP version 2.7 which bought us many enhancements. One of those enhancements included comment threading (also known as Enhanced Comment Display). Comment threading allows WordPress theme designers to make use of nested comments and for the people outside the realms of theme developing, this is when a person

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How to install SSL in WHM & WordPress

how to install ssl whm cpanel and wordpress

You may have noticed that more and more sites are enabling SSL, this is due to several reasons but the main ones are security, privacy and the fact Google is now rewarding SEO for SSL enabled websites. This tutorial will hopefully walk you through several steps to install your SSL certification using cPanel WHM and

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Sleepy Head Modal

Sleepy Head Modal

Hey, today’s post I will be showing you how you can design a modal alert for users that go inactive on your website. The idea is to produce a humorous modal popup for AFK users, but you can adapt the code for other things such as asking the user if they want to join your

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Essential Designer Sites

essential websites for website designers

Hey! Fellow website designers! I have handpicked some of the very best websites that no designer should go without, these websites are top quality and without a shadow of doubt will help you learn new things, work more productively or even help you deliver better projects. It’s extremely likely that an advanced designer already has

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Bournemouth Air Balloon

bournemouth air balloon vector

It’s been an absolute scorcher in Bournemouth this week and to celebrate the hot weather we thought we would release vector image of Bournemouth’s famous air balloon. We designed this vector a couple of years back but we never got around to using it, hopefully someone else can make use of it. This vector is

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1 image multiple resolutions

Bulk convert image into multiple resolutions

Any person or company that provides seo to local small businesses will know that creating local business profiles on multiple citation sites is an important factor of local search results. Creating citations can be a time consuming task, especially if you are writing unique content and uploading their company logo. It is common that citation

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Schema External Reviews

Schema External Review Stars

Today’s blog post is a video tutorial on how to setup product and services with Schema reviews, but with a twist, using only external sources and with the end result of serp stars on Google or Bing. Please note that this rich snippet tutorial is for products or services reviews only, not local search results

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Gandi Fix: Leverage Browser Caching

Gandi Simple Hosting Leverage Browser Caching

We don’t just design websites here at BYBE… we design, build and manage websites. Yesterday we launched a new website for a customer and went through several processes to ensure that their website was super-fast and super-enjoyable to use. One of the processes is correctly setting the correction expire dates on file extensions, without proper

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CSS3 Shapes Cheat Sheet

css3 cheat sheet shapes

I’m constantly Googling for CSS3 shape generators and cheat sheets, but constantly having to edit the code to my liking, so the idea of this page is to build a CSS3 Shape Cheat Sheet that supports both simple to advanced shapes so that website designers like me can save time. You may have already noticed

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BYBE receives more backfill

more website designs

We hope your all loving BYBE’s new website design. We have backfilled our large website design portfolio and will continue to do so whenever we have some downtime. This week website update includes two website design clients from Poole, one from Bournemouth and another client as far as Birmingham. These design projects were delivered in

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