Leverage Browser Caching Fix for Gandi Simple Hosting

Gandi Simple Hosting Leverage Browser Caching

We don’t just design websites here at BYBE… we design, build and manage websites. Yesterday we launched a new website for a customer and went through several processes to ensure that their website was super-fast and super-enjoyable to use. One of the processes is correctly setting the correction expire dates on file extensions, without proper […]

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CSS3 Simple Shapes Cheat Sheet

CSS3 Cheat Sheet Shapes

I’m constantly Googling for CSS3 shape generators and cheat sheets, but constantly having to edit the code to my liking, so the idea of this page is to build a CSS3 Shape Cheat Sheet that supports both simple to advanced shapes so that website designers like me can save time. You may have already noticed […]

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BYBE receives even more backfill updates

more website designs

We hope your all loving BYBE’s new website design. We have backfilled our large website design portfolio and will continue to do so whenever we have some downtime. This week website update includes two website design clients from Poole, one from Bournemouth and another client as far as Birmingham. These design projects were delivered in […]

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4 New Website Design Clients added to our Portfolio

In full swing

Our new responsive website design is now in full swing and in fact it went smoother than we could have hoped for. This week we have been very busy bees updating the BYBE Blog with useful webmaster plugins, resources and site news. We have also made time in our schedule to update our client portfolio […]

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List of Buy and Sell Market Places for freelance website designers

Market Places

There are a lot of website designers that disapprove of designers using anything they haven’t created themselves, almost like an underlying elitism attitude towards it. While building a website using your own artwork, your own framework and everything else is a good thing it’s not necessary the best thing for your customer, because at the […]

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Stop Comment Spam in WordPress

Stop WordPress Spam

If you own a website that has a blog on it then there’s no doubt in my mind at some point your blog has fallen victim of the spammers, practically more so if your site happens to be powered by WordPress. Why do spammers bother with comment spam exactly? Most people who have no sense […]

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List of Responsive Frameworks

Responsive Frameworks

A list of free responsive frameworks released on a range of licenses, from open source to MIT. Please note that these frameworks other than Bootstrap and Zurb foundation are in no particular order for the time being. If you happen to know of a ‘good’ framework not listed then please don’t hesitate to use the […]

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List of Webmaster Verification, Ownership and Verify Sites

Webmaster Meta Elements

Several years back we made a couple of handy webmaster plugins for Joomla and Prestashop, these free modules allow site administrators to verify their site with the likes of many webmaster tools, analytics and various others, without having to upload a file or edit the TXT DNS records at your domain registrar. So what’s this […]

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PrestaShop Webmaster Site Verification Module

webmaster site verification for prestashop

The team at BYBE have designed several eCommerce themes for small to medium sized businesses that run PrestaShop. Some of the UK companies we work for prefer us not to have access to their domain records, because of this the only options to verify the domain are to upload a file to their site, or […]

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Joomla Webmaster Site Verification

Webmaster Site Verification

When we design websites for our customers we will normally go the extra mile and ensure they are setup with things like Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. One of the processes of adding your website to Google or Bing Webmaster Tools involves site verification which involves proofing that your own the domain. Most verification […]

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