How to Add More Pictures to an Existing FooGallery

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how to add more pictures to an existing fooGallery

FooGallery is an easy to use photo gallery plugin for WordPress developed by Foo Plugins. I originally wrote this tutorial for one of my customers but later decided to add it to my blog because as I believe it may help other small local businesses that have existing FooGallery’s with no idea how to add additional images.

Since FooGallery is a WordPress plugin, you first must login to the WordPress dashboard before you can begin adding new pictures.

Adding More Pictures in 8 Simple Steps

Below is an easy to follow 7 step guide about how you can add more pictures to your existing FooGallery.

Step 1.
Click Galleries

On the left-hand side look for FooGallery, then hover over it and click galleries.

click galleries step 1

Step 2.
Click Edit Gallery

Find the existing gallery that you would like to add more pictures too, click edit.

click edit gallery step 2

Step 3.
Click Add Media

You will need to upload the new pictures to your website by clicking ‘Add Media’, depending on your screen size, and the amount of pictures you have in your gallery you may need to scroll down to find it.

click add media step 3

TIP: While on this screen you can resort the order of your images by clicking and holding the mouse button over an image, then simply by dragging it, to your preferred location.

Step 4.
Uploading Photos

If you would like to upload a new image then ensure that the tab Upload Files is active and then followed by clicking select files. If you wish to use a pre-existing photo on the server then click Media Library.

uploading photos step 4

Step 5.
Select your Photo Uploads

After clicking select files your favourite used browser will pop up a file dialog box that will allow you to locate the files that you wish to upload. You can upload multiple photos by holding down the CTRL key while Mouse Clicking.

select your photo uploads step 5

TIP: You can quickly upload a bulk of photos by holding the mouse click button and dragging the highlight box over the files.

Step 6.
Click Add Media Again

Give the website a few seconds to process the file uploads. Uploading can take a while for some people if they have a slow broadband connection, or if the image is very high in resolution. Once the images are processed you will get a thumbnail preview of the image, along with a tick on the top right hand-side, this tick indicates that you are about to add to the gallery upon clicking ‘ADD MEDIA’.

click add media again step 6

Step 7.
Almost there, Promise…

There’s nothing to do in this step but as you can see that the images that you’ve just uploaded are now added to the gallery; however… these changes are not yet saved.

almost there step 7

Step 8.
The Final Step!

Now that you have your new image(s) uploaded and added to your gallery, it’s time to publish and save those changes… Simply scroll up and click the update button as demonstrated in the picture below. The new images are now added to the gallery and will reflect on the page(s) that the gallery is embedded on.

final step 8

TIP: If you would like to delete an image, simply hover over it and click the (X) button, your find this in the top right-hand corner of the image.

More Documentation

Since this 8 step tutorial only covers the basics on how to add new images to an existing FooGallery, there’s a strong chance that somewhere down the line you may want to change things that are not covered in this guide, if this is the case I strongly recommend that you visit the FooGallery 101 Documentation page for more information. If you have questions, or issues not covered on Foo’s website then I recommend that you take a stroll over to WordPress’s plugin support forum.

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2 Responses to “How to Add More Pictures to an Existing FooGallery”

  1. Unable to add multiple images at the same time. Using Mac : holding Command + click doesn’t work

    • Hi Charlie,

      It should work, try doing clicking the first item, then click and hold shift then click the last item, Otherwise use a different browser.