The Most Efficient Way to Stop Comment Spam

Stop SpamHey you! In this blog post, I’ll inform you how you can take further security measures to prevent spam on your website, please notice I said ‘PREVENT’ while this extra method will dramatically reduce the amount of spam your site receives there is no current way at present to stop spam 100%. You could always slam on moderation but that requires you to be at your PC a lot of the time and people want to see their messages once posted, in fact, they are more likely to return to your site on a regular basis looking for replys.

There are many ways to prevent spammers such as captcha, Akismet, IP Banning, Moderation and so on, while these may have some effect they do not dramatically reduce your spam as much as you would hope.

The best way to prevent spammers against your web site is to prevent your website being identified as a possible target by them, to do this you must ensure your site does not leave a footprint of what CMS (Content Management System) your site uses, for example if you use wordpress it will look like this at the bottom of the page:

Stop Spam by Disabling Footprints

As you can see it says “Powered By Wordpress” this is a footprint and can be searched within any major search engine such as Google using commands such as "powered by wordpress", but as you would expect they would be returned with millions of hits and a lot of these would have their comments disabled or would generally be less valuable for them as they would want to target keywords as well. What spammers do, is they target sites with cms type plus keywords plus comments enabled, a search by a spammer might look something like this “Keyword” “Powered by Wordpress” “Comments".

So how do you prevent being identified as a target, simplify remove all branding off your entire page, this is by far the most effective method. While it’s not 100% it’s pretty near that, spammers search in bulk looking for vulnerable targets along with their chosen keywords, by simply removing your branding you can eliminate all bots and software which search for vulnerable targets using the search engines.

You could go even one step further and prevent spammers searching for the term “comments” by eliminating the word comments or comment used on your website, you could change that too “what people thought” or “what did you think, leave a note”.

In addition, if you’re really! Fed up, you could go the whole 10 yards and rename your input fields, since most input fields use common names like “name” “url” “message” etc, by renaming those which would require some work in the framework but it would stop the bots being able to fill your forms.

There are plenty of forums and guides on the internet which will tell you how this can be done, most people will want to debrand to look more professional not because its a way of being more secure. If you do struggle doing any of the changes or feel your not up to it then simply send us an email and we will be more than happy to help you out and hook you up with a low price.

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