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Speed up your websiteMany companies big and small are unaware that website speed is actually a search engine ranking factor, since many search engines and especially Google rank user experience and no customers will enjoy visiting your site if it’s slow.

ByBe offers a unique solution called 'Website Speed Optimisation' were we will optimise the speed of your business website by using the best website optimising techniques.

What is Included:

  • File Cloud Integration

    We always recommend that all our customers consider using a file cloud (also known as CDN - content delivery network) as it is a very cost effective and extremely fast way of serving static files such as videos, images and JavaScript files. A CDN will host your website files on clusters of servers all over the globe so wherever your customer is geographically located, your rich content is always delivered as fast as possible. Plus it also frees up resources on your website host.

    Companies such as: Rackspace and Amazon provide file clouds at unbeatable prices charging as little a few pence for every gigabyte sent to your customers; at ByBe, we will integrate your web files into a file cloud of your choice.

  • Lossless Image Compression

    Most businesses and individuals use imaging software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Elements. Unfortunately packages do not support lossless image compression. What this means is that a website’s graphic files are not fully compressed to save on space and load times. We can further compress these files so your business can save even more bandwidth and increase the speed of pages being displayed on their customers’ PC’s.. Lossless compression is exactly what it says; it compresses images without losing any further quality. We will check every image on your website and file cloud to ensure that all images are optimised as much as they can be, thus ensuring your website delivers the best possible experience to your customers.

  • Image Sprites

    Many website design templates do not take advantage of Image Sprites. What these are is an image file composed of many images within a single image. What this does for you and your customers is reduce the amount of file fetches from their browser to your server meaning that page display time is reduced considerably and resources are saved on your website hosting server.

    We will scan your website for any template images that can be placed within an image sprite and optimise these on your web host or file cloud.

  • JavaScript Optimisation

    Scripts can often be larger than some images, by minifying JavaScript’s and ensuring that scripts like Jquery are loaded from a public CDN (Content Delivery Network) we can further increase page load speed and thus free up more resources, resulting in improved user experience.

  • gZip Optimisation

    We will ensure that every page on your website allows Gzip compressing which reduces the size of JavaScript files, CSS files and many more files. Gzip is one of the biggest impact factors when it comes to reducing server load and page load times.

  • And much much more...

    We include many other checks when we optimise a business website, far too many to list here and many can simply sound like jargon to our customers. If you require a complete list, which explains the jargon then please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

  • Content Delivery Networks are Ultra-Fast.
  • Larger is not better! Use lossless image compression today!
  • Speed up your website today with Image Sprites.
  • Javascripts can be a drag! with speedy web we ensure they aint slowing down your website.
  • gZip may be simple but it's so awesome, Google and many search engines love gZip.
  • Speed up your website today and increase your SEO Rankings with ByBe's Website Speed Optimisation SEO Solution.

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