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Email CampaignsHere at ByBe we can take the hassle out of designing, managing and monitoring your online email marketing campaigns locally, nationally and internationally. We start by planning your email campaigns well in advance of your actual planned send date.

7 Step Campaign Process

When starting any new email marketing campaign we use a 7 step process to ensure all our campaigns are exactly what your business is after and has the best possible chance of successful return from your email campaign investment.

Step 1: Planning Your Email Marketing Campaign

We work with you to establish a plan to enable us the best possible chance to deliver you a successful email campaign.

Step 1: (a) Targeting the Right Audiences

To make your email relevant we need to identify your target audience so that emails can be specifically tailored for relevant groups.

Step 1: (b) Objectives of your Emailing Campaign

We identity the main aim of the online emailing campaign for your business such as raising company or brand awareness, generating sales and leads or improving customer retention.

Step 1: (c) Establishing an Affordable Budget

We will work with you to establish an ideal and affordable budget which suits your business requirements. Once a suitable budget has been agreed with you, we will stick to it and not escalate costs any further than the agreed budget. We will inform you if the budget is enough for a successful return on your investment for your business.

Step 2: Segment, Personalise and then Relevance

We use the information gained from the Step One process to identify your needs, target the correct audience and generate relevant messages to send to your potential customers. If multiple audiences are discovered, we will segment them and have specific emails assigned for that target group. Targeting the right customer adds around 75% to the chances of success when using emailing marketing; the other 25% is being creative and using good titles to draw your customers in.

Step 3: Email Subject

The email subject line is extremely important when it comes to having a successful online email marketing campaign; we will establish an eye catching subject line which will not be picked up as spam by spam monitoring software and hardware. Email campaigns are tested with many email providers before any mass sending has begun.

Step 4: Creative Email Campaigns

We design professional and creative emails that will include your business logo at the top of every email thus raising your business awareness. Also, all emails are readable in both HTML and Text format so that no customers are missed. All emails designed for your marketing campaign are easy to scan since many customers don't bother to read entire emails. We allow unlimited design revisions on all our professional emailing campaigns, so we will check with you before we press the send button.

Step 5: Relevant Landing Pages

With a successful email the customer views the email and then clicks a link, so they are it's very important that we have a suitable landing page. If you do have a limited offer only valid to those people with the emails, we can design you a landing page that is unique for those types of customers.

Step 6: Testing of your Email Campaign

We will test your campaign before we begin the final stage of sending your campaign out to your targeted audiences. First impressions count and we know exactly how important it is to always look professional. We heavily test emails by sending them to popular email hosts providers such as Hotmail, Ymail, and Gmail and so on. If any reach the junk/spam box we then fault- find until we can identify the word(s) being detected as spam.

Step 7: Email Campaign Monitoring

We will monitor your campaign to see how successful your investment is. This will help your business establish if it's worth doing another campaign or adjusting your budgets for an even more successful one.

Monitoring includes:

  • The number of successfully delivered emails (Delivery Rate)
  • The number of successfully opened emails (Open Rate)
  • The number of successful click though generated (Click-Though Rate)

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