Removing MyStart Incredibar Search from Google Chrome

Even our professional web designers here at ByBe Web Design Bournemouth occasionally fall victim of nasty malware, this practically article is about how to remove Incredibar from Google Chrome in the event you are infected with this nasty toolbar on Firefox then please visit how to Removing MyStart Incredibar Search from Firefox.

incredibar chrome

The Removal Process

It is rather easy to remove this toolbar and the less than desirable search engine modifications simply follow this 6 step removal guide.

Step 1 – Removing MyStart Incredibar from Windows

This nasty malware which some are referring it as a virus comes in many different versions and some even install themselves into your windows setup, should it be XP, Vista or Even later such as windows 7 or 8.

Check to see if your machine is infected with this variation; simply go to your windows start bar (same for all versions of windows) find control panel icon and click it. Once there you want to find programs and features, you may have an older version of Microsoft Windows and if this is the case then it should be listed as Add and Remove.

remove incredibar windows 7

There are 3 programs you should look out for these are Mystart Incredibar, Incredibar Games and Web Assistant. Web Assistant is a Mystart application and most malware makers install programs not using their company or product branding to avoid removal!

If you locate any of the programs mentioned above you should remove them, if you cannot find these listed within add/remove or programs and features then move onto step 2.

Step 2 – Close Your Chrome Browser Tabs

It’s best that you close all unnecessary browser tabs within Google Chrome, you’re going to have to restart Chrome at the end of this uninstall process in any case.

Step 3 – Navigate to Extensions

Simply navigate to the Extensions Options which can be found by clicking the toolbar, tools and then extensions basics, we have included a simple screenshot located below where to find this menu option.

chrome extensions

The two things to look out for within the extensions are: MyStart Incredibar or Games Incredibar if none are listed then don’t worry and proceed onto step 4. If one or more is listed then you should press the trash button to remove them.

Step 4 – Check your Search Engine Defaults

Sadly this program alters your defaults on search engines and homepages, you should default your search engines to avoid reinfection and of course use something you prefer.

Click the Spanner Icon on the Chrome toolbar to pull up the menu, find settings and click it. Once there scroll down to Search and click Manage Search Engines. An screenshot image to help you is provided below.

search engines google

The options you should be looking at should be that of the image provided below if not again DON’T worry simply proceed onto the next step! If you do have options altered in your default search engine options then you should remove them and set your preferred search engine.

default search

Step 5 – Delete your Browser Data (Optional)

This is optional but preferred, you should clear all your browser date to clear any cached files belonging to Incredibar, If you’re not sure how to delete your browser data then follow these simple instructions.

Click the Spanner Icon once again and click settings. You may be surprised that Google Chrome by default does not list delete browser data in the first menu unlike other browsers do, to find this menu button click Show Advanced Settings which is found at the bottom of the page within the settings menu.

Find the header Privacy and click clear browser data…, now we personally to clear all the data due to the fact it’s a good time to do a semi clear up in anycase. On the drop down of Obliterate the following items from: choose from the beginning of time, and then ensure the following check boxes are checked: clear browser history, clear download history, Empty the cache, Delete cookies and other sites and plug-in data, as well as clear data from hosted apps. If all the boxes are checked then click the clear browsing data.

Step 6 – Woohoo! Restart Chrome

Ok, fingers crossed that you don’t have a new version and everything has gone as planned close Chrome and simply fire it back up again and hopefully you will now be mystart.incredibar free!

Possible Removal Tools

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