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Hi Folks, We at ByBe Web Design here in Bournemouth have been using various Firefox add-ons for some time to make our jobs that little bit easier. We happen to use various extensions from the online Mozilla Firefox Add-on Library that allow us to easily detect if links on the page are using the link attribute REL=”nofollow” as well as displaying links that do not use this attribute.

There are many reasons why webmasters, web designers and other people in the web industry use and require such an add-on but generally it is more common that this type of add-on to be used for building backlinks but here at ByBe we use this type of add-on when preforming SEO audits on our customer’s websites for positive and negative SEO.

Negative SEO

It is increasingly become more important that webmasters are aware of their external links; search engines such as Google have really come a long way since they first launched. Search engines never used to care where you linked to, and who linked to you but nowadays linking to a bad neighborhood (Link Chain) and a bad site can have devastating effect on your rankings.

While I will not go into the full extent of bad outgoing links but a good example would be say a someone emails you and wants to exchange links or requests you put a link to his site so he can gain direct traffic, his site may have good Google reputation now but what’s to say in 2 years’ time he sells his domain and someone uses it to plant malware on that site, your site without the nofollow tag is contributing to his ranking and search engines will punish you for it, ultimately effecting your own rankings since you are associating yourself with a malware site. Using a nofollow add-on allows us to quickly identify which outgoing links need to be investigated, a nofollow link will not harm your site in any sharp or form as you are not vouching for it (This is what we are lend to believe by Google and Bing).

The Problem of these Add-ons

Now the problem with these nofollow link detection add-ons for Firefox is that they kind of take over on the page and spoil the browsing experience, now there are a lot of nofollow add-ons that can be disabled via the extension menu and via right clicking actions....

However we find them becoming increasingly annoying because you have to constantly enable and disable these add-ons. We want an add-on that is permanently on all the time without actually being visually visible all the time, as big blue blocks, red borders and so on.

Problem Solved – Hover Nofollow

We came up with an idea that we would code a Mozilla Extension that would display links attribute s while hovering over them, simply by altering the cascade style sheet of the destination site.

We thought up lots of fantastic ideas such as fancy JavaScript tooltips, eye popping css circles when hovering and so on but we constantly discussed reasons why we loved the original versions of these add-ons, their simplicity made them worth contenders and ideal for people to use.

So we decided it would be for the best that we made our add-on with the same simplicity as many of the other add-ons found within Mozilla’s extension library, basically what people and businesses had made before us but with our very own preferred functions.

We quickly got to grips with the Firefox Development center and have to say just like Wordpress codex they have invested a lot of money and time allowing businesses and individuals code and develop as easily as possible, Hats off to the Firefox team, coding for Firefox is such a breeze.

Hover Nofollow

This Mozilla Firefox add-on overrides the viewed website(s) style sheet and adds backgrounds to links with or without the nofollow attribute, and if you hadn’t guessed by the name of our add-on the detection works when you hover over links, this allows you to view and read the page without the annoyance of constant blocks, borders, glows, obstructing your view.

To Do List

  • Adjust backgrounds styling on img classes
  • Release extension on Google's Chrome applications


  • Version 0.0.1 – Initial Release to Public

Download Latest Version

Hover Nofollow v0.0.1

Hover Nofollow Screenshots

Questions and Support

Should you have any questions then please leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

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