GCSE Sociology Exam Paper 9-11 Coincidences

This is not a normal blog post for us here at ByBe, since we are a web design company we normally stick to web-related topics such as news and guides. However… we can't resist.

Take a good look at this picture and have a think what it looks like:

9 11 Coincidencess

This picture is from the June 2010 GCSE Sociology Exam Paper by WJEC

GCSE 911

It was first notice early last year but seems to be going viral once again on multiple social networks and forums, so we thought we would add it here for our own readers, before you read on I must stress that ByBe does not think, or say that 9/11 was a conspiracy we are merely just pointing out many coincidences found in the picture above. Our wishes go out too all the familys who lost love ones during 9/11 and after, let them be remembered and never let anything like this happen again.

The Source

You can find the original exam paper on the WJEC Website, we have made a quick link to the PDF file here.

Conspiracy Theory

Many people have said that the GCSE Sociology Exam Paper - Picture from Page 10 contains far to many coincidences, while this may be true it, it could also be untrue, its like spending a few mins looking at the clouds you can make out anything.


Twin Towers

If you take a look at the girl, the building blocks could represent the twin towers with the plane approaching above.
Twin Towers

The Football

The football has pentagons which could indicate the pentagon.
Football Pentagon

Building Blocks

If you take a good look at the girl playing with the building blocks, you can see that it actually spells 'Armageddon'.
Building Blocks Armageddon

The Boy

Some people have said that the boy looks kinda like George W Bush.
911 George W Bush

The Girl

Some have even said that the girl could be Hillary Clinton.
911 Hillary Clinton

The Plane

There have been many reports of people seeing unmarked planes hit the twin towers, what is odd about the plane in this picture, is that the plane has almost no color while the rest of the picture has a lot.
Unmarked Plane

The American Flag

The boys jeans and top look a lot like the american flag, which some conspiracy theorists believe it was flown by americans.
Boy and American Flag

110 Floors

Both towers had a total of 110 floors each, if you look at the building blocks along with the football you can make out the number '110'.
110 Twin Tower Floors

Box Cutter

There seems to be a lot of mentions about what it could mean, some people have said the cuts out of people are the victims or the that the paper represents fake, the knife means threat and the people of course are the people so this would mean 'Fake Threat to the People'.
Fake Threat to the People

The GCSE Exam Paper Number

The exam paper has the number 4511/01, some say thats 4+5 = 9 / 11 / 2001.
GCSE 911 Exam Number


Again please note, that the 9/11 was a horrible day for the victims and the familys, and the rest of the world, our compassion goes out to all who were affected, this post is merely pointing out condiences, what you believe is up to your human right, but have compassion and never forget.

What can you see?

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