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You may have heard that last week GoDaddy the massive online domain registrar and Webhosting Company had experienced yet another big outrage, this time this was due to a technical glitch on one or more of their domain name servers (DNS). Sadly this problem caused millions of sites to be knocked offline and left small and larger businesses out of pocket.

Directories Down on Godaddy

GoDaddy has responded with multiple press releases apologizing for the technical issues experienced by its customers and furthermore over the last week or so they have been issuing companies and individuals with compensation for the outrage which brings me to the point. On our personal account we noticed that we had been credited with a 12 bucks 2 days ago without notification from them, now it’s worth mentioning that our primary services remained unaffected which includes our customers hosting and the ByBe Web Design Bournemouth website hosting, we host these on a more robust and faster service provided by Rackspace UK (Cloud Servers).

The services we were affected on was minor servers that we use for the occasional PR release or small projects which we will talk a bit more later on in this article. Anyway, we had 12 bucks credited to our account and we were considering of a domain name we could register and use for a small project that we had been considering for a while, we basically have wanted an online Business Directory for some time and so we came up with a name that we will discuss in the section below.

Directory Name and Design

We wanted our Business Web Directory to be mobile friendly since most other web directories are extremely simple and do not support a responsive design, that’s why we came up with the name Go Business Finder as it made sense that people could find lots of businesses at home or at work as well as having the option to use their mobile phone or tablet computers on the GO! Beats using 192 directory which costs an absolutely fortune if you use it daily.

Go Business Finder

Site Design and Development

Our new business web directory uses Wordpress as its choice of content management system as it is open source as well as being extremely flexible for our needs. We have opted to use the 2 column Jquery mobile framework as it works absolutely fantastic with most modern phones and is a framework which is ongoing daily, so we can expect lots of nice updates to our platform. Our business database currently only has 2 companies since we only launched the site about 10mins ago prior to writing this page, but with given time we hope to extend that into the 100’s of thousands.

Directory Built on Jquery Mobile


Site in DevelopmentThe website is still in heavy development and currently we are only offering the free basic package which allows business owners to add their company to our site along with other useful information such as their social media links to Facebook and twitter, and keyword tags so that customers can find them extremely easily.


We do not believe in selling links so to obtain a link from our site it is completely free under the basic package, where we aim to achieve revenues from ads on the basic pages and selling of PRO accounts which allows our customers to add unlimited sites, and is free from ads as well as advertising their business on basic account holder’s pages which will result in more direct traffic.

While this isn’t a multi-million pound project and won’t make use rich in ten lifetimes, it is still a project which will boost our margins; many webmasters that operate hundreds if not thousands of sites know that all the pennies add up at the end of the month for a better profit. Also, remember this project only took us a few hours and well if it fails it only cost us 12 bucks.

Go Business Finder Directory Screenshots

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