Bad, Good and Great examples of image alt attributes

Green Ghost with text good and bad examples of alt attributes

The first came around to aid the visually impaired but since its release, it has been hijacked by the likes of Google, Bing and other search engines. Sadly many webmasters and SEO experts abuse the alt tag, in an attempt to increase their page rankings and for many years this worked, because of this, many impaired users have been frustrated with meaningless image descriptions. The alt attribute is commonly, but .

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How to Enable SSL in the WordPress Dashboard

enable ssl in wordpress

In this week’s short tutorial we will be covering how to change the default site address in WordPress by either the WP dashboard or in phpMyAdmin so that your site works correctly over a SSL connection. Please note that it does not cover issues or enforcing SSL using your file.

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Canonical URLs without using a WordPress Plugin

add canonicals in wordpress without plugin

Everyone that knows me will know that I hate using , not that I’m a website designer that believes that every other designer and coder should write their own code, far from it. I’m a web designer that believes you should only use trusted plugins when you absolutely need to. Using a plugin that offers you 100 features when you only need one, makes no sense to me! Using such a plugin is only going to bloat your code, slow down your SQL and increase the chances of exploitable vulnerabilities.

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Yoast SEO: How to Disable Canonical Links & URLs

yoast disable canonical urls

Yoast SEO is a great and light plugin for WordPress and with over 3 million active installs and over it is one of the most successful, reliable and demanded plugins that exists on the WordPress plugin directory. Yoast SEO is simple to use and does not overwhelm users with thousands of options that they simply don’t need.

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Yoast SEO Guide: How to disable Schema JSON-LD in WordPress

Yoast disable JSON-LD

is a , it helps us bloggers and businesses have better search engine visibility by improving the way WordPress presents your data to major search enignes. Yoast SEO packs a punch of awesome features but more notably it adds , and Rich Snippets to your website. Yoast easily allows you to disable and enable both OpenGraph and Twitter cards, but at present does not have an option to disable Schema.

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